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DevOps for Microsoft's Business Application platform

Centralized management, automated deployment and integrations for Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Office 365

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What if you could manage all your Dynamics 365 implementations and Power Apps in one place?

There is a challenge in managing, maintaining and supporting any Dynamics 365 implementation after delivery, let alone 5, 10 or 100. And what if you've also created Power Apps, deployed across customers?

The Cloud Partner Panel brings DevOps to Dynamics 365, Power Apps, and Office 365 empowering Partners to focus on their core business by unburdening them of routine operations, administration and upkeep.

Highlights of the Cloud Partner Panel

Insights across all your Customers

Use aggregated insights and alerts to get a better insight into how your customers are using Dynamics 365, Power Apps and Office 365. Benchmark your customers and take the lead with predictive analytics and early warning systems.

DevOps for Dynamics 365 and Power Apps: Automate Deployment, Configuration, Updates

Our automated deployment tools will allow you to roll-out changes, configurations, update or entire implementations, confidently, repeatable and across multiple customers. Automated deployment reduces human errors and increases scale.

Built for Microsoft Partners

Focused on providing powerful and centralized management capabilities for new and existing Microsoft Partners to streamline their Dynamics 365, PowerApps and Office 365 practice.

Use your own Brand

Deploy our product and services your existing branding. As the Microsoft Partner, you are always in the lead and the point of contact for your customers, as their trusted advisor.

Trial versionBasicAdvancedPremium
PricingFree for 30 days€250
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Number of customersUp to 2Up to 10Up to 3030+
Centralized CMDB (based on ITIL: Configuration Management Database)checkcheckcheckcheck
Centralized Configuration Setscheckcheckcheckcheck
Enable GDPR compliance by removing the need to sign into to your Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement client instancescheckcheckcheckcheck
Easily manage versions of tenants and deployed solutionscheckcheckcheckcheck
Migrate, Upgrade and Update
Roll out Solution updates across Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instancescheckcheckcheckcheck
Bulk Import data to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Instancescheckcheckcheckcheck
Deploy your own solutions using the JumpStart methodcheckcheckcheckcheck
Usage Insights
Centralized Insights into all customers Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instancescheckcheckcheckcheck
Centralized Insights into all customers Office 365 organizationscheckcheckcheckcheck
Compare and benchmark your clients usage and activity90 day¹ retention180 day¹ retention365 day¹ retentionlifetime¹ retention
Fast Deployment
Use JumpStart 365 implementation method to quickly on-board new clientscheckcheckcheckcheck
Build a questionnaire to ask clients about most frequent configuration preferencescheckcheckcheckcheck
Prevent incompatibility between solutions/addonscheckcheckcheckcheck
Integrates with your Azure ADcheckcheckcheckcheck
Includes CloudChainscheckcheck
IP to the Cloud
Track and manage licensing of your IP in Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instancescheckcheckcheckcheck
Partner Representation
Use your own branding, style and namecheckcheckcheck
Use multiple brands, assign each customer to a specific onecheck
Embed your support channels into client Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement instances (Phone, Email and Live Chat)checkcheckcheck
Integrate your own Dynamics 365 for Customer Service (case and support) systemcheckcheckcheck
Integrate your support Bots (Microsoft Bot Framework) as a support channelcheckcheck
Service Level Agreement
Self servicecheckcheckcheckcheck
Online Support Portalcheckcheckcheck
Live remote assistancecheckcheck
Dedicated Technical Account Managercheck
PricingFree for 30 days€250
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1: All data retention is up to maximum compliancy according to EU Law.

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